another view

anotherview is a creative space dedicating to capture through the lens of photography and video all your special moments; your wedding, the christening of your child and all those moments in time, so you can visit again and again.

Our desire to capture precious stories of love and happiness such as your wedding or your christening celebration, has enable us to travel to every location no matter how near or how far.

So no matter the location we will come to you and accommodate your plans for your special moment. We offer a great variety of video clip, slideshow, video story, invitation videos and retro clip to match your individual taste, and if you wish our support and input, together, we can create your personal package that represents the ways you want your story to be told and remembered

Additionally we are constantly enhancing the number of our collaborators aiming to fully cover your needs in the highest quality possible. We are constantly renew and enhance our knowledge of contemporary trends and we explore new creative technologies following our deep passion for what we do.

Collaborate with us for the coverage of your unique celebrations and rest assure that we will work tirelessly and with consistency to keep your most memorable moments alive for your selves and your loved ones.

what we do


Wedding video clip is not just a synopsis of the wedding. We pick together the song and then we create something unique, just like the music clips.

When you see it, you feel that the song was written for your wedding.


Share your memories with your friends. We create your slideshow. From a simple one to a full movie.


In this case we change the rules. When we film, we feel like little children playing with the camera for the first time. IN the end, we deliver a result full of emotions.


You can always invite your friends with your wedding invitation. We have plenty of ideas. You just pick one.


In this case you are the leading stars of a short movie we make. The scenario is usually based in true stories or fictional.


Keep your memories in a clip. The set could be your house, a park, an old house or during your holidays. Maybe in retro style.